Insiders Trusted Advisors is a private club formed over 50 years ago by local business men and women to furthering mutual improvement and social purposes. The club meets in Columbia Country Club every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 7:30 AM.
If you interested to learn more about the club, please CONTACT US for more information. 


As a Government Partner

At Merit321, we work with you from the ground up to provide a comprehensive suite of pre-award and post-award services. Our decades of experience in federal contracting becomes your experience, and we work closely with you to determine your goals and objectives. After setting this foundation for your success, we then map out an excellent staffing solution to help you meet your needs. With a lean team and the best wrap rates in the industry, we provide all this at lower costs to you.
Working with us provides you with an aerial view of the public sector landscape, an understanding of your competitive edge, and an ability to set you apart from your competitors. We work with you to develop winning proposals, and to see those projects to successful completion.

Commercial Expertise

Merit321 brings years of expertise working with clients in commercial business. We possess a vast network of contacts and staffing resources to provide quality candidates for virtually any position you are looking to fill. We can provide targeted, individualized placement, or develop teams with a focus on personal excellence, culture fit, and complementary skill sets.
As your commercial partner, we pride ourselves on taking a people-first approach to staffing, which means our workers don’t just fit the bill — they thrive in their chosen role, striving toward excellence. We take data seriously, using market analysis and a laser-like focus to match skill sets with results for your business.

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cell: 301-943-3438